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    Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition review

    The best-selling tablet on the market might be the 9.7-inch iPad 2, but that hasn't stopped manufacturers differentiating themselves using by going with a smaller screen size than Apple's offering. We've seen the likes of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab and the HTC Flyer in the past, but the Amazon Kindle Fire is the first seven-inch tablet to ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. TechRadar, автор: Matthew Bolton

    Orange San Francisco 2 review - Can Orange replicate the success of its budget San Francisco?

    When we reviewed the original Orange San Francisco, little did we know that the handset that wowed us for its great capabilities at a low cost would become the benchmark for other low-cost smartphones to emulate throughout 2011. Now we're firmly in 2012 and Orange's follow up, the San Francisco 2, has popped into our hands. Its name might sound ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. TechRadar, автор: Sandra Vogel