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Обзоры и тесты Рунета и окрестностей за 16 апреля 2016 года

    Экспресс-обзор Blackview A8: смартфон за $55

    Пару лет назад смартфоны за $150-200 с чистой совестью называли бюджетными. В национальных валютах они казались недорогими и за эти деньги уже можно было найти приличный аппарат с нормальным дизайном, производительностью, приемлемыми камерами. Сегодня же $200 – это и более ощутимая сумма, и предложение стало намного шире, поэтому многие, особенно ... Читать дальше

    Обзор., автор: Максим Андрейчук

    LG G5 second opinion — at least the camera is nice?

    A stellar camera and capable processor aren't enough to make me recommend this phone to most people. LG has had a fascinating journey over the last couple of G-series releases. Their phones have a tendency to stick out as uniquely LG, but those hardware decisions don't usually add or take away from just how good the phones are. This year things ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Android Central, автор: Russell Holly

    HTC 10 review: Welcome back HTC

    There’s no such thing as the perfect smartphone. Even if a company were to stack its latest flagship with all the hardware that today’s technology can offer, it doesn’t guarantee that it’ll serve everyone the same purpose. Fact of the matter is that even perfection is subjective, as my needs are definitely different to your needs. Still, HTC has ... Читать дальше

    Обзор., автор: Jaime Rivera

    Huawei P9 Review

    Some say that the best camera is the one you have with you, which is one of the reasons why people now turn to their phones for snapping the occasional photo. The Huawei P9, however, doesn’t want to be just another phone with a good camera. It is here to reinvent smartphone photography with its dual-camera setup, engineered in partnership with ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Phone Arena, автор: Nick T.

    Huawei P9 review: Ascension

    Huawei pulled the wraps off its next flagship in London in early April. London streets and buildings were the perfect backdrop for black-and-white photography and everything looked extra special through the P9's secondary black-and-white lens. But there is more to the P9 than just the duo of cameras. The P9 is a proper high-end device with the ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. GSMArena