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Обзоры и тесты из Рунета и окрестностей за 9 марта 2016 года

    Смартфон Ulefone Power (6050 мАч) - обзор

    В комментариях пользователей к обзорам смартфонам часто можно слышать одно и то же пожелание: да не надо нам, чтобы смартфон был тонким, как бритва, сделайте телефон с емкой батареей, чтобы он хотя бы несколько дней без подзарядки работал! А и правда, многих пользователей возмущает тот факт, что многие современные смартфоны при активном ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Экслер, автор: Алекс Экслер

    Обзор флагмана Windows 10 Mobile – Lumia 950 DS

    Для Microsoft выпуск Lumia 550/950/950 XL в конце 2015 года оказался вынужденным, так как компания разместила заказ на компоненты, в частности чипсеты от Qualcomm, и должна была где-то их использовать. В середине 2015 года, когда размещался этот заказ, в Microsoft была идея, что к концу года компания сможет доработать до коммерческого состояния ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Mobile-review.com, автор: Эльдар Муртазин

    Быстрый обзор ZTE Blade V7 и V7 Lite

    ZTE Blade V7 и V7 Lite — это новенькие смартфоны, которые компания представила в Барселоне на выставке MWC 2016. V7 — это логическое продолжение предшественника V6, который в России почему-то именуется как Blade X7 . Успел покрутить, потестить новинки и, конечно, составить первое впечатление об устройствах. Сделать неудобный стенд. ... Читать дальше

    Предобзор. Super G, автор: Константин Гагарин

    Обзор Huawei G8: крепкий середняк в металле

    Сейчас на российском рынке в официальной продаже не так много достойных смартфонов в сегменте от 20 до 30 тысяч рублей. Флагманы стоят дороже, бюджетки взлетели в цене до уровня вчерашних середняков, а типичные середняки все больше тяготеют к флагманам по цене, далеко не всегда им соответствуя по характеристикам. Приятным исключением стал смартфон ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Mobiltelefon.ru, автор: Максим Курмаев

    Review: Alcatel Fierce XL with Windows for T-Mobile

    Alcatel ported Windows 10 to its Fierce XL handset and the result is a low-cost point of entry to Microsoft's ecosystem of productivity apps. The Fierce XL with Windows in a simple smartphone that impresses and bores at the same time. Here is Phonescoop's in-depth report. AD article continues below... Hardware Is It Your Type? The Alcatel Fierce ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Phone Scoop, автор: Eric M. Zeman

    Coolpad Modena Smartphone Review

    Grainy. Besides well-known Chinese manufacturers like Huawei or Lenovo, the company Coolpad now launches its first smartphone on the German market: the Modena. Find out in our review whether looking at the device is worthwhile and what it features in our review. Working For Notebookcheck Are you a loyal reader of notebookcheck? Are you a techie ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. NotebookCheck, автор: Marcus Herbrich

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review

    For some time now, Samsung has been the dominant player in the Android space, especially at the high end of the market. From the Galaxy S2 onwards, Samsung has been able to ride the wave of the smartphone industry’s growth without much disruption. Samsung has also shown a pretty impressive ability to adapt to changes in the market as seen by ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. AnandTech, автор: Joshua Ho

    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review

    Lust. That's what Samsung was counting on with the Galaxy S6 edge: enough people seeing its curvaceous AMOLED screen and uncontrollably coughing up the premium over its flat-fronted sibling. Problem was, though the hardware was clever, the software made little use of it, and so with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge arriving even sleeker and even ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. SlashGear, автор: Chris Davies

    Review: Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are the phones we’ve craved

    Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are smartphones of the people. Their feature sets don’t necessarily speak to a grandiose vision from Samsung regarding the company’s future. They don’t offer solutions to problems users weren’t aware they had. They don’t shed grams and millimeters in exchange for compromised battery life. In many ways, the S7 ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. TechCrunch, автор: Lucas Matney

    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge review: Bigger and better in almost every way

    The Galaxy S7 edge isn't about gimmicks — it's about being a really great phone. The quick take Samsung is undeniably putting its marketing power behind the "edge" version of the Galaxy S7. It's bigger, flashier and more expensive than the standard phone, and it's for those who want to stand out from the crowd just a bit more. Compared to the ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Android Central, автор: Andrew Martonik

    Samsung Galaxy S7 review: on the edge of perfection

    Here’s the thing about smartphones: they are a lot better when they have big screens. Virtually everything we do with smartphones is enhanced by a larger display: messaging, playing games, watching video, reading articles, browsing the web, you name it. After all, when it’s stripped down to its core, the modern smartphone is little more than a ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. The Verge, автор: Dan Seifert

    Samsung Galaxy S7 review: A mild improvement, but it's still the best phone around

    I am facing a predicament here that I’m sure many of my iPhone-reviewing brethren have experienced before: The Samsung Galaxy S7 is merely an incremental update over its predecessor, which makes it hard to justify the upgrade considering the Galaxy S6 was the top contender for 2015’s phone of the year. Is this what it feels like to review the “s” ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Greenbot, автор: Florence Ion

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

    Now that Mobile World Congress 2016 is behind us, it’s almost unanimous what phone came out as the biggest winner of mobile’s biggest show. Samsung’s announcements have always been in grandeur style, almost in excess at times. This same observation got all the more reaffirmed with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge , ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Phone Arena, автор: John V.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review

    Last year we saw the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge , the first time in the Korean-based company’s history to complement a flagship with another variant. While the S6 and S6 edge featured the same specifications, the difference between them turned out to be the slicker aesthetics that accompanied the S6 edge – as well as its unique ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Phone Arena, автор: John V.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 6s

    If you haven't moved over to the dark phablet side yet, and are still into compact, easy to handle and carry handsets, there's barely a rivalry more important than that of Samsung's new Galaxy S7 flagship, and Apple's finest, the iPhone 6s . The phones are in roughly the same size category, they both sport great 12 MP cameras, finger scanners, ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Phone Arena, автор: Daniel P.

    Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge review: Samsung's finest get more polished

    After years of trafficking in plastic flagships, the glass-and-metal Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge proved Samsung still knew how to make jaw-dropping phones. Ah, but there was a rub -- a few of them, in fact. The expandable memory slots were gone. Neither phone was waterproof. The S6 Edge's flat back and slim sides felt awkward. Curvy screens aside, both ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Engadget, автор: Chris Velazco

    Samsung Galaxy S7 review: The unsung hero?

    Samsung's dual-flagship strategy is now in full force, with the launch of both a regular Samsung Galaxy S7 and a larger SGS7 edge model. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is very much the headline hog, with its dual curved edges and larger display it's the hero handset. If this was the 1988 movie Twins, you might think that the edge is Arnold ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Pocket-lint, автор: Chris Hall

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

    You could forgive Samsung for harboring a little resentment toward Android phone buyers. After all, it gave us the Galaxy S6 - and in the process answered the most vocal and persistent criticisms of build quality and style, among other things - only to see sales fail to live up to expectations. Turns out, we're a fickle bunch, smartphone buyers, ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. SlashGear, автор: Chris Davies

    Asus ZenFone Zoom review

    There have been huge advancements in the lens technology found in today's smartphones, but it's still commonly the low point of the experience. The Asus ZenFone Zoom hopes to reverse that trend. To do that, Asus' latest phone packs in a snapper that's capable of 3x optical zoom, a unique capability that allows you to magnify a photo without seeing ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. TechRadar, автор: Cameron Faulkner

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