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Обзоры и тесты из Рунета и окрестностей за 5 мая 2018 года

    Huawei P20 Pro: Is this the best cameraphone?

    As you can see I have made a fairly bold statement up there at the very top of the review, and that my friends, was not just for clickbait. It was a serious intended question, which during the course of this review I intend to answer. I have had the privilege of testing a few of Huawei’s Mate range of devices in the recent years. but I have not ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Coolsmartphone

    Sony Xperia XZ2 – Review

    Just a week or so ago we posted the Sony Xperia XZ1 review, so it would only be right to follow it up with the newer XZ2. As they have done so many times in the past, Vodafone UK kindly loaned us one so we could see just how good this new Xperia really was. Sure, we got to see it at the big launch in Barcelona, but now we’ll spend some proper time ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Coolsmartphone

    Sony Xperia XZ1 – Review

    Sony have had a mixed reaction to their phones. The design has changed very little since the launch of the Xperia Z, and even with a high megapixel numbers in their camera, some people have had varied results. In comes the Xperia XZ1, which takes the best points of the original XZ but slims the design a little. This makes it easier to use and ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Coolsmartphone

    Apple iPad 9.7-inch (2018) Review

    The iPad -- and tablets in general -- face an existential crisis. Caught between big-screen phones and small and cheap laptops, this is a category in search of renewed purpose. So, Apple has turned to students with its new 6th generation iPad, which offers a speedy A10 Fusion chip, support for the Apple Pencil and access to immersive ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Laptop Mag, автор: Mark Spoonauer

    Amazon Fire Kids Edition (7-Inch) Review

    The risks of handing over your own phone or tablet to a child range from minor (fingerprints from dirty hands) to major (dropping and breaking), so getting a child his or her own slate is a great solution. That's where the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition comes in. This $99 tablet is the smaller, non-HD version of the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, and offers ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Laptop Mag, автор: Amy Oztan

    Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Review

    The best child-friendly tablet at any price, Amazon's Fire HD 8 Kids Edition combines robust parental controls with a durable design, two years of accidental damage protection and a huge free library of popular age-appropriate content. And, unlike on the non-Kids Edition of this same tablet, there are no advertisements on the lock screen. The HD 8 ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Laptop Mag, автор: Amy Oztan

    Amazon Fire HD 10 Review

    An old adage claims that bigger is better, but is the Amazon Fire HD 10 -- the company's biggest tablet -- Amazon's best slate yet? While its 10.1-inch Full HD display is the best of any Amazon tablet you can buy, it's also the most expensive Fire, costing three times as much as the Fire 7 and $70 more than the Fire HD 8 (which lasts longer on a ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Laptop Mag, автор: Henry T. Casey

    Amazon Fire HD 8 Review

    If you need a bare-bones media tablet that won't break the bank, then the Amazon Fire HD 8 with Alexa is perfect for you. This refreshed model has Amazon's Alexa AI assistant on board and continues to offer great battery life and fairly smooth performance. The lack of Google apps such as Gmail and the Chrome browser is a drawback, but with a ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Laptop Mag, автор: Cortney Moore

    Lenovo Tab 4 10 Review

    It's easy to find an affordable 7- or 8-inch Android tablet, but if you want a larger screen for binge- watching shows, playing games and getting work done, you normally have to spend well over $200 for slates such as the Apple iPad ($329) or Asus ZenPad 3s 10 ($289). Lenovo's Tab 4 10 gives you a spacious 10-inch screen for just $179 and throws ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Laptop Mag, автор: Avram Piltch

    Lenovo Tab 4 8 Review

    Good for media consumption and light productivity, Lenovo's 8-inch Tab 4 8 provides long battery life and smooth performance at an affordable price. And unlike the competing Amazon Fire HD 8 , the $128 Tab 4 8 comes with the real Android operating system and a full suite of Google apps. article continued below Design: Plain Measuring 8.3 x 0.3 x ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Laptop Mag, автор: Cortney Moore

    Asus ZenPad Z8s Review

    If you're a Verizon customer, then you're in luck, because Asus has an exclusive tablet to serve your media needs. The 8-inch ZenPad Z8s provides a bright display, an impressive sound system and good looks, all for $250. Whether you want to watch videos on YouTube or takes notes in Google Docs , the Asus ZenPad Z8s is a reliable Android tablet ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Laptop Mag, автор: Cortney Moore

    Обзор смартфона Nokia 6.1

    В прошлом году компания HMD Global представила новую линейку смартфонов Nokia на базе Android, в частности, Nokia 6 – довольно интересную модель среднего уровня, достоинств у которой было явно больше, чем недостатков. Прошел год, и компания предложила ее обновленную версию – Nokia 6.1, или, как ее еще называют, Nokia 6 (2018). Линейка Nokia 6 2018 ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. ITC.ua, автор: Сергей Светличный

    Обзор ASUS ZenFone 5: почти флагман за разумные деньги

    ASUS ZenFone 5 — первый Android-смартфон, который скопировал «челку» у iPhone X. Стоит он 27990 рублей — в три раза дешевле своего «прообраза» и на 5 тысяч дешевле прошлогоднего ZenFone 4. Тут новый процессор с ИИ, новая камера и большой дисплей в компактном корпусе. Разбираемся, стоит ли брать, или есть варианты получше? ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru, автор: Иван Остапенко

    ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M1) Review: The Redmi Note 5 Pro Killer You’ve Been Waiting For

    It was the last week of March 2018 when I received a phone call from my friends at ASUS asking me whether I was free to attend a product briefing session for their new phone. I was certain that the call was about ASUS’ Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 5z smartphones. If you know your smartphone stuff well, you would know that both these handsets were ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. MySmartPrice, автор: Rahul Srinivas

    Xiaomi Redmi 5 Review: The Best Entry-Level Smartphone So Far

    Xiaomi has led the entry-level smartphone market from as long as its existence in India goes. I still remember when the Redmi 1s was launched in India; it had every essential feature for just Rs. 5,999. Although people were a bit sceptical at the time about buying it, as Xiaomi was a new, unknown brand to the Indian consumers. Later, Xiaomi ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. MySmartPrice, автор: Abid Iqbal

    Обзор на Смартфон Nokia 5 Dual Sim Blue

    Обзор на очень даже достойный смартфон Nokia 5 Dual Sim Blue . Обзор будет в небольшом сравнении этого смартфона на Android и другого (прошлого) на Windows 10 mobile. Это характеристики данного смартфона. 1. Платформа - Android. 2. Операционная система Android 7.1. Сразу обновился до Android 8.0. 3. Количество SIM-карт 2 шт. 4. Тип дисплея IPS. 5. ... Читать дальше

    Миниобзор. Onlinetrade.ru, автор: Солдатов Данил

    Обзор на Смартфон Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 64GB+4GB Black

    Прежде чем рассказать про сам смартфон, хотелось бы немного поведать о производителе Xiaomi. Данная компания была основана 6 апреля 2010 года восемью партнёрами. Символом Xiaomi является заяц в шапке-ушанке с красной звёздочкой и красным пионерским галстуком на шее. Некоторые устройства Xiaomi производятся на заводах Foxconn, где производятся ... Читать дальше

    Миниобзор. Onlinetrade.ru, автор: Дмитрий

    Moto E4 review: Is this the best budget smartphone since the Lenovo P2?

    Deal update: Only £99 for a Moto E4+ (Save £30 at Tesco) The Moto E4+ is like the Moto E4 on steroids. With a half-inch increase in screen size and close to doubled battery capacity, it’s basically a bigger and longer lasting upgrade to the E4. Apart from those minor differences, there’s not much else to say. At an RRP of £130 it was also a tad ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Expert Reviews, автор: Tom Bruce

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