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Обзоры и тесты из Рунета и окрестностей за 10 июня 2022 года

    Обзор доступного среднеуровневого смартфона Poco M4 Pro с AMOLED-экраном

    Xiaomi в новом сезоне обновила линейку своих смартфонов Poco, выпустив две свежих модели: старшую для серии Poco X4 Pro 5G и более доступную Poco M4 Pro. Причем смартфон с названием Poco M4 Pro в ассортименте компании уже был, но он имел приставку «5G», а теперь представлена в целом упрощенная и удешевленная модификация той модели, ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. iXBT.com, автор: Дмитрий Шепелев, Алексей Кудрявцев

    Обзор смартфона Google Pixel 6: как никогда уместен

    Возможно, лучше никогда, чем настолько поздно — такой подзаголовок уместен для материала о смартфоне, вышедшем еще в прошлом году. Но во времена, когда компании одна за другой уходят из России, поставки застревают в логистическому аду, а нам грозит параллельный импорт, — «слишком старых» гаджетов попросту уже не бывает. Так что почему бы и не ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. 3DNews, автор: Александр Бабулин

    Обзор планшета realme Pad (RMP2103)

    Компания realme агрессивно развивается и выходит в новые для себя ниши, первый планшет компании — как раз realme Pad. Бюджетный планшет с 10-дюймовым экраном, построенный по лекалам множества других моделей, например, Galaxy Tab A8. При сравнимой стоимости в 20 тысяч рублей можно сказать, что эти устройства — близнецы-братья, отличия ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Mobile-review.com, автор: Эльдар Муртазин

    Тестирую Samsung Galaxy S22+ и убеждаюсь, что это отличный смартфон. Есть одно НО

    Мы уже привыкли, что в начале года Samsung обновляет свою флагманскую линейку. В семействе Galaxy S 2022 года по-прежнему 3 смартфона: младший S22 с дисплеем 6,1”, ультимативный Note22 S22 Ultra с гигантским 6,8” экраном и «средний сын» S22+ с панелью в 6,6”. Galaxy S22 Ultra — это явный представитель серии Galaxy Note, и не совсем понятно, почему ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Trashbox.ru, автор: Gwinbleydd

    Black Shark 5 Pro review

    Xiaomi's Black Shark gaming series has been around for quite some time now and has carved out a good reputation for itself. The latest addition to the proud family is the Black Shark 5 lineup, unveiled back in March with a total of three models so far. What we have for review today is the top-tier Black Shark 5 Pro with all of the bells and ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. GSMArena

    Honor X9 5G review: Plastic, but is it fantastic?

    Honor managed to break away from its former parent company Huawei, which has largely been forced out of Western markets due to US sanctions. The ex-subsidiary now stands on its own two feet and has big plans for the future, hoping to conquer the high-end market with upcoming flagships like the Honor Magic4 Pro . However, to become broadly ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Android Police, автор: Manuel Vonau

    Ulefone Power Armor 14 Pro - powerful and durable in every way

    The Ulefone Power Armor 14 Pro is the third smartphone from Ulefone's Power Armor sub-series which combines bespoke ruggedized qualities and big batteries. The first was the Power Armor 13 followed by the Power Armor 14 . The Pro version brings a simple but significant upgrade over the vanilla version - a more powerful chipset, more RAM, more ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. devicespecifications.com

    Moto G82 review: good, not great

    Motorola is on the right track once again and the brand’s revamped portfolio is flush with enticing offerings that have made their mark in the affordable and flagship killer space. And, to capitalise on the growing momentum, the brand recently announced the Moto G82 in ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. 91mobiles, автор: Prateek Pandey

    Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) Review

    Motorola’s midrange Moto G Stylus 5G offers speedy connectivity, a big screen, and impressive battery life, but its main appeal is the built-in ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. PCMag, автор: Dave LeClair

    Realme 9 4G review: Do you actually need 5G right now?

    The Realme 9 4G is one of a pair of new handsets from the prolific Chinese manufacturer, with both costing the same price. While there are several differences between the two phones, the main distinction is pretty obvious: this model is 4G only and its counterpart is the one that supports 5G. READ NEXT: The best budget smartphones The limited ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Expert Reviews, автор: Ben Johnston

    Realme 9 5G review: Better connectivity, but at what cost?

    Viewed in a vacuum, the Realme 9 5G is a respectable budget phone, offering a lot of functionality for a relatively low price. The tricky part, however, is that the 5G version was released alongside an identically priced 4G model . More confusing is that Realme has taken a handful of important features and just sprinkled them between the pair, ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Expert Reviews, автор: Ben Johnston

    Realme GT Neo 3 review: Up to speed

    Android phone releases may be relatively dime a dozen, but the latest arrival in the Realme GT series has a feature that really separates it from the rest of the crowd. With the GT Neo 3, the company is offering a faster charging rate than any other phone on the market can handle. Supporting an astonishing 150W - topping the typical peak of 120W ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Pocket-lint, автор: Luke Baker

    Realme GT Neo 3 150W review: Earning its stripes

    The Realme GT Neo 3 delivers surprising processing power in the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 5G and ridiculously fast 150W charging speeds, but it comes at a ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Laptop Mag, автор: Darragh Murphy

    Black Shark 5 Pro review: The gaming phone to get

    The Black Shark 5 Pro stands out from other gaming phones with its physical shoulder buttons, making shooter gameplay a breeze. The cameras are also more than acceptable for a device like this. All told, this is a good gaming phone with plenty of useful features that puts other gaming phone makers on notice. Pros + Great battery life and super ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Tom's Guide, автор: Jordan Palmer

    Samsung Galaxy M23 review - Samsung's inexpensive phone gets 5G and 120 Hz

    Back to IPS. Samsung has finally taken the step to 5G with the Galaxy M23, but the AMOLED screen has been dropped. Are the Koreans lagging behind the market or do they once again build a decent and inexpensive mid-range phone? We will find out in the review. Florian Schmitt , 👁 Florian Schmitt , ✓ Anton Avdyushkin ( translated by ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. NotebookCheck, автор: Florian Schmitt

    Realme GT Neo 3T review: Boy racer

    Alongside the launch of the Realme GT Neo 3 - the upper-mid-range speedster - the company also launched a more affordable option, the GT Neo 3T. Taking a leaf out of OnePlus' book with the 'T' branding, the Neo 3T provides a cheaper alternative for those seeking super-speedy charging. It comes with both an attractive price tag and an attractive ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Pocket-lint, автор: Luke Baker

    ZTE Axon 40 Ultra Review: The world’s best Under display camera phone

    Ever since the concept of under-display cameras has come out, it seems that few phones are willing to try this new technology. It’s true that taking selfies with it will be poor, but you can’t ignore the fact that it can give us a perfect display of a full screen. As one of the pioneers of under-display camera phones, ZTE has upgraded ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Gizmochina, автор: Paco Zheng

    ZTE Axon 40 Ultra review: Hiding in plain sight

    ZTE's under-display selfie camera tech returns in a flagship phone, but does this combo work? Find out more in our ZTE Axon 40 Ultra ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Android Authority

    ZTE Axon 40 Ultra review: An 'ultra' smartphone for less

    When you see the word “Ultra” in the name of a smartphone, your first inclination might be to worry about your wallet. That is certainly the case with Samsung, where this buzzword typically means you’re going to be spending upwards of $1,000 for a high-end device. However, the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra bucks that trend by offering a wide ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. Android Police, автор: Conor Cawley

    Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Pro review

    If you’re reading this Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Pro review, we’re under the assumption that it’s because you’re in the market for a gaming phone. If you’re not looking for such a device, which comes with additional software and hardware tricks to make gaming a blast, then we advise you to look elsewhere. This is because ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. TechRadar, автор: Tom Bedford

    Samsung S22 (Snapdragon) Display test

    We put the Samsung Galaxy S22 (Snapdragon) through our rigorous DXOMARK Display test suite to measure its performance across six criteria. In this test results, we will break down how it fared in a variety of tests and several common use cases. Overview Key display specifications: 6.1 inches AMOLED Dimensions: 146 x 70.6 x 7.6 mm Resolution: 2340 ... Читать дальше

    Обзор. DxOMark

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